The duration of the college award

Anna Maria College

  • Darrell Matsumoto, art and design
  • Matt Waldslagel, philosophy

Carlton College

  • Rica e. Anderson, Biology
  • Rebecca Brookman, History
  • Wes Markfowski, Sociology
  • Robert Thompson, Mathematics

Ithaca College

  • Jack Bryant, Media Arts, Science and Studies

Middleberry College

  • Sayaka Abe, studying Japanese
  • Amanda Crocker, Neuroscience
  • Elari Fouch, American Studies
  • Amanda Gregg, Economics
  • Khurram Hossain, Md. Education Studies

New Mexico Tech

  • Taffeta Elliott, Psychology Program
  • Gilberto Gonzalez-para, Mathematics
  • Chelsea Hargathar, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mostafa Hasanalian, Mechanical Engineering
  • Hawing Wang, business and technology management
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