The entire Goldrick-RAB-based center has announced layoffs

Temple University on Tuesday laid off eight employees of the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice. Several sources with direct knowledge of the situation who did not want to be named citing job insecurity said Hope’s interim leaders and temple administrators tried to coordinate the center’s finances and discovered a deficit earlier this year when founder Sara Goldrick-RAB was put on paid leave. In the investigation of the activities of the center. Asha’s current and former employees have already said Higher Ed inside That center was the victim of climate problems and potential financial mismanagement under Goldrick-RAB. Goldrick-RAB, who is Temple’s professor of higher education policy and sociology, declined to comment on the situation, citing his holiday terms on Tuesday, but suggested that Temple, not Hope, had been the victim of financial mismanagement. Goldrick-RAB further stated that the retrenched employees were assigned to the financial leadership of someone else at the center, who has since left, when Goldrick-RAB was the active center director.

Hope’s interim director, Ann Lundquist, did not respond to a request for comment. Temple said in a statement that it “fully supports the efforts and mission of The Hope Center for College, Community and Justice. The Center, like many dedicated research activities, relies on funding from grants to support its activities. The centers regularly reshape their staff and budgets. As a result, several staff members at The Hope Center have been dropped. ” The center is “reorganizing its team to supplement its existing resources” and “with new funding coming into the regular organization, Temple wants The Hope Center to continue its important policy and research work in the future,” the university said.

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