The family of the Stanford student created a suicide prevention program

The parents of Stanford University women’s soccer goalkeeper Katie Meyer, who committed suicide in March, are pushing for a new mental health program at the university to help other students who may be struggling, ESPN reported.

Katie’s Save gives students the option to name a friend or advocate who will notify the university via email that the student is facing challenging situations, including physical injury, mental illness, academic problems, substance abuse, or disciplinary issues that the mayor has previously faced. Gone is the end of his life. Mayer’s parents, Gina and Steve Meyer, say their goal is to offer Katie’s Save Stanford during the registration process and to other organizations in the United States.

The program will be completely voluntary.

“There aren’t all kinds of boxes of one size,” Gina Meyer told ESPN. “Everyone has a different story, a different situation, but the more resources, the more security, the more support we offer these kids, hopefully we can start to make some real changes. We think we knew, even his coach, or even If anyone knew what was going on, they might be able to help him out and give him some extra help. “

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