The husband of the former Sonoma state president has denied the ban on campus

Judy Sakaki’s husband, Patrick McCallum, has disobeyed an order to stay off the Sonoma State University campus, a new statement released following his resignation as president.

Sakaki resigned in a sexual harassment scandal after her husband made inappropriate remarks to employees. A former chancellor who complained of harassment was the target of retaliation by Sakaki, who offered to pay $ 600,000.

Now report by new details Press DemocratAccording to a letter from the system administrator of California State University, a local newspaper shows that McCallum was told in November 2021 that he had been “denied entry to the campus due to previous allegations.” McCallum, however, disobeyed that order, apparently going to campus in February.

The letter also mentions other restrictions regarding McCallum’s presence at events.

“The Board of Trustees agrees that Mr. McCallum can assist you with fundraising events, if the event is not held on campus and if the event is held at your home, no student, faculty or staff may be present and an outside catering to fill the event. Use the company, ”read the March 30 letter to Sakaki from Evelyn Nazario, vice chancellor of human resources for the CSU system.

Sakaki resigned on Monday amid controversy following a no-confidence vote last May. He will remain president until July. Press Democrat Sakaki has reportedly moved into a one-year administrative role with a salary of $ 254,438 before being transferred to a faculty post in the CSU system.

Sakaki and McCallum have been separated since the scandal broke.

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