The Iowa Department of Education chooses YouScience as a pre-approved profession

American Fork, Utah (PRWEB) May 26, 2022 – YouScience, the leading student engagement platform that leverages data science to improve student success and bridge the divide between education and career, has announced that the Iowa Department of Education has chosen YouScience discovery and fair testing as pre-approved career information systems (CISs). For immediate use in all Iowa school districts during the 2024-2025 school year.

YouScience’s solutions were approved by the Iowa Department of Education as part of a statewide personal career and academic plan (ICAP) initiative for each student in grades 8-12. Redesigned in 2016, the state’s career and academic planning process for students places more emphasis on career and technical education (CTE) than traditional career planning assessment methods and inventory. The process now includes high-quality, high-value, career-related experiences designed to increase student engagement and align student interests with local, regional and state labor market needs.

“The Iowa District, schools, educators and mentors are doing an amazing job, and we’re excited to support students’ engagement and increased interest in career and academic planning,” said Edson Burton, founder and CEO of UsScience. “At YouScience, our goal is to give all students the opportunity to understand their qualifications and how they relate to their career path. Using YouScience discovery and precision testing, students can identify their natural talents and earn art-recognized certifications before they graduate from high school. “

For six years, schools and districts across Iowa have used YouScience discovery and precision testing. The solutions have helped thousands of secondary and high school students take CTE courses to better understand their own talents, identify potential career opportunities, and better demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

YouScience Discovery, built on learning from more than 50 years of scientific research, helps students identify where they have a talent or natural talent and matches these talents to career and educational paths in demand. As a result, students become more aware of their natural strengths and the potential of their abilities. With over 200 certifications, it has the largest library of exact test certifications, lined with 16 national career clusters and 21st Century Skills. Its certification enables educators to make data-driven decisions that allow for continuous improvement of the program to ensure student success. Proper testing meets all requirements for Parkinson’s V, as well as federal and state funding.

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About YouScience
YouScience is the only provider of a fully integrated platform that provides highly accurate qualification-based assessments, personalized career guidance and industry-recognized certification, empowering individuals on their educational and career paths. Using proven research and industry input, YouScience helps individuals identify their natural talents, test their skills and knowledge, and adapt to real-world educational and career paths in high-demand professions. YouScience is the preferred choice for individuals, parents, educators and mentors to guide and support their educational and career paths, currently serving more than 7,000 educational institutions and nearly one million users.

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