The Piedmont president, under attack, will retire

Piedmont University President James Melichamp has announced that he will retire as soon as he is replaced. Now Habersham Report

Melichamp’s future at Piedmont has been uncertain since Provost Daniel Silver resigned two weeks ago. Silver said the planned budget cut was “morally wrong.”

Faculty leaders this weekend called for Melichamp and her husband Daniel Smith to be banned from campus for alleged misconduct and intimidation. A letter from the Faculty Senate Executive Committee states, “Allowing these two individuals to remain on campus while conducting an investigation into these allegations creates an irresistible, unfavorable work environment for a sufficient number of faculty and staff.”

Their protest was led by Carson Webb, chair of religion and philosophy. After Batman’s resignation. When he resigned, Webb sent a letter to his colleagues, telling them that he could no longer be associated with Piedmont because of his “criminal,” “immoral,” and even “abusive” behavior. Now Habersham Report

On Monday, the chairman of the board, Gus Arendel, thanked Melichamp for his “extraordinary dedication and service to the university for more than four decades.”

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