The professor has filed a defamation suit against the Grad student

After the allegation, he obtained a Ph.D. Gregory Guisbiers, a professor at the University of Little Arkansas in Little Rock, has filed a defamation suit against Matthew Cusper, a former adviser, alleging that data was tampered with to tamper with student research.

In April, Cusper told local TV station KATV that Guisbiers had asked him to “hide data” or use inappropriate samples as part of unspecified physics research. Subsequently, Cusper said he had confronted his adviser, severed ties and filed charges against him. An attorney for Cusper told the TV station at the time that both the university and several federal agencies had launched an investigation against Guisbier.

Now Guisbiers is fighting a defamation suit, KATV reported this week.

Guisbiers opposed Cusper’s allegations, arguing that he was a “problematic student” and a “very rude person” with whom it was difficult to work. Guisbiers says he has never asked any student to manipulate research data and Cusper has threatened to take legal action against him in 2020.

An attorney at Guisbiers told the TV station that Cusper had retaliated against his client and had made baseless allegations to the Arkansas Ethics Commission and scientific journals, a complaint filed against Guisbiers at the Ethics Commission has been dismissed.

KATV reported that the defamation case has not yet been scheduled for hearing.

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