The Senate bill would increase funding for civic education

A bipartisan bill raised in the Senate on Tuesday would provide 1 billion for educational activities and the expansion of research into citizens and history. The bill aims to help close the gap between students in civic science and history education across the country.

The Civics Secures Democracy Act will establish $ 150 million in competitive grants for colleges and universities to develop civic science and history education and prepare educators. It will provide 50 million in competitive grants for research that evaluates current civic science and history education activities and an additional $ 15 million for a new fellowship program that recognizes the following community educators and provides a stipend for a five-year commitment to teaching.

“Continued neglect of civic education will further weaken both our democratic institutions and our economic competitiveness,” said Sarah Bank, founder of Business for America. “An investment in civic education creates more aware and employed citizens, leading to a more educated workforce, greater market stability and better economic outcomes.”

The bill is sponsored by Delaware Senators Chris Kuns and John Cornin of Texas, and co-sponsored by Angus King of Maine, Jim Inhoff of Oklahoma, Mark Kelly of Arizona, and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana.

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