The SplashLearn Springboard Math Challenge 2022 has announced the winners

San Francisco, CA, 22 June 2022: SplashLearn, the game-based learning program used by millions of students, has announced the winners of its widely popular annual competition – the Springboard Math Challenge. 8M The Springboard Math Challenge 2022 edition was launched on March 1, 2022 for elementary classrooms across North America (the competition ended on May 8, 2022). During this 10-week math challenge, SpringBoard has seen over 400,000 students from 20,000+ classes participate!

Arpit Jain, CEO, Splashlern“Springboard is over and I’m thrilled for all the winners. Congratulations to every school, teacher and student who participated in the SplashLearn competition. We are thrilled to be a part of their journey as they collaborate and celebrate learning. The competition has inspired students to stay engaged and excited, which is what we’ve always wanted to do with everything we’ve created in SplashLearn. “

Splashlern has announced Class by Matthew Norris from Sunset Park Elementary, North Carolina As the National Champion of Springboard Math Challenge 2022, US Lisa Machador was a Class 1st runner-up from Pacific Union School, California And Erin Noel was a Class 2 runner-up from Petersburg Elementary School, Illinois. In addition to the national winners, the top leaders of the state leaderboards also won prizes. All participating students will also receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’.

The winning class teacher, Matthew Norris, said: “My class and I are thrilled because we lost 20,000 other classes in Splashlern’s annual Springboard Maths competition. I’m super excited! SplashLearn gave my students the opportunity to learn math in a positive and engaging way and since our competition was for 10-weeks, they have shown a lot of growth in their review evaluation. I am very proud of them and can’t wait to compete again next year. “

Joy Deep Nath, Co-Founder, Splashlern“SpringBoard is designed for students to revise, review and practice basic math concepts so that they can finish school year with confidence in math and prepare for graduation in the next grade,” he said. A safe, familiar and friendly setting to practice with peers encourages kids to do their best while having fun. There was a need for more springboard competitions this year as classrooms across the country are trying their best to recover from the epidemic. “

About Splashlern

SplashLearn creates exciting learning experiences designed to transform children into fearless learners. Its PreK-5 game-based digital learning program is curriculum-aligned and has an adaptive algorithm that provides each child with a personalized learning experience that is fun and immersive. It is currently used in 150+ countries and has benefited over 40 million children worldwide.

Splashlern also offers tutoring. Tutoring is a live online personalized class in small groups with some of America’s best tutors, focusing on deep conceptual development through a participatory and collaborative approach.

To cater to the social needs of children, SplashLearn has introduced a space in its program called SplashArena. It’s a fun place where kids can test all the skills they’ve mastered – from timely challenges to fluency tests, and to invite their friends into a learning battle or try to lose their own high scores.

SplashLearn is available across all digital platforms (iOS, Android and Web). For more information, visit Follow Facebook, Instagram and SplashLearn Twitter.

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