The whole child learns the path to success, teachers say

An overwhelming majority of educators surveyed in a new survey say they believe students achieve success when schools prioritize whole child learning.

Ninety-one percent of teachers who participated in the National Survey of Education Nonprofit Gradient Learning said they believe that students perform better if schools prioritize children’s education.

Conducted in partnership with Project Tomorrow, the Gradient Learning Poll surveyed 1,418 teachers in grades 4-12 across the country to better understand their views on the state of education.

Participants broadened the national education landscape, with 42 per cent of responsive teachers supporting suburban communities, 30 per cent rural communities and 28 per cent urban communities.

Now more than ever, educators, families and caregivers are calling for a greater focus on developing students’ social and emotional needs as well as skills ready for the future. Reports indicate that the last two years of the epidemic have widened the skills gap, and many schools are responding to this demand by providing a holistic view of education.

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