This is how teachers use story coding for creativity and collaboration

When coding is combined with storytelling, you have story coding, where students use computational skills and design thinking as they demonstrate creativity in core curriculum areas.

During an ISTELive 22 virtual session, computer science, robotics and design thinking educators Page Besthof Demonstrated how story coding গল্প a combination of storytelling and coding ছাত্র helps students develop critical skills.

Story coding involves using computer programming to retell stories – students can summarize a story, write original stories, or use programming to create alternative endings to well-known stories. Teachers can use story coding to bring history, science, world languages, ELA, and even math into their lessons.

Teachers can incorporate story coding into almost any subject, and computer science concepts help students develop lifelong critical skills যেমন such as collaboration, communication, and perseverance এমনকি even if they don’t pursue computer science or STEM subjects in college or as a career path.

Indeed, the use of computer science concepts in story coding encourages students to build computational thinking skills through sequence, reasoning, variables, events, and more. Students use real-time and creative collaboration as they create their stories and tackle challenges during that process.

“My students are able to learn about computer science, but in a fun way. It’s done in a cross-curricular way. [means] Teachers who are not computer science teachers can include what they teach without adding extra subjects, ”Besthoff said.

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