Univ. Maine has violated the system’s own policy, reviews

An internal review found that the University of Maine system had violated its own policy in a recent failed presidential investigation at the University of Maine in August, Maine Public Radio reported.

Systems Chancellor Daniel Malay ordered the review when it was revealed that he and the chairman of the search committee had withheld information from the committee, for example, UMA presidency candidate Michael Lalibert was the subject of two no-confidence votes. In his previous job.

Lalibert withdrew his candidacy, but only after a few campus teachers voted no-confidence in Malay.

According to a draft copy of the review, the UMA president’s investigation did not “follow” the employee’s background and screening policy.

Although “negative information” about a candidate is not an automatic reason for disqualification, the policy states, “An independent decision on eligibility for recruitment, transfer or promotion shall be made by the employer or recruiting department in consultation with the Maine System Human University. Based on the nature of the consideration and information.

The report recommends that in order to move forward, HR personnel should be included in the search process. It is in the final stages of the investigation to reveal the names and backgrounds of the candidates to the public and to announce to the provost and presidential candidates whether they have ever been the subject of a no-confidence vote.

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