Welcome to Louisiana’s “Largest On-Air Classroom.”

Education doesn’t just happen in the classroom, and Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) is working to ensure that family engagement plays an important role in educating students.

LPB is Louisiana’s largest classroom, on every device, in school and in the community. LPB’s Educational Services Division is committed to providing comprehensive information, lesson plans, materials and digital resources to support formal K-12 education across the state.

LPB’s top priority focuses on family engagement to expand education and help build critical skills among students.

“It’s a part that is missing from school, and it’s something that the family struggles to get involved with,” said Nancy Torain, LPB’s director of educational TV technology. “I think our PBS content lends itself well to helping families and caregivers learn and play with their children. Many times they do not know how to get involved in their child’s education. We teach families how to use PBS Kids Resources at home and how to expand learning. ”

Learning activities at home can strengthen vocabulary, lesson comprehension, STEM activity, engineering design processes, science research, and more – all of which are important for children’s learning.

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