What have we learned about digital learning? What a podcast

More than two years have passed since almost every instructor and student was suddenly forced to teach or learn from a distance through some or the other technology. What have we learned about what works and what doesn’t, and should technology play a role in moving it forward?

This week’s episode of The Key, Inside higher edIts news and analysis explores whether and how the landscape of digital education and learning has changed in the podcast, the global epidemic of the last two years, the recession, the coup d’etat of racial justice and much more.

Participants included Shanna Smith Jaggers (and a self-described “friendly critic” of online education) and Jessica Rowland Williams, Director of Higher Education at Avery Learner Achieves fair results. In the discussion, they explore topics such as whether students’ expectations about when, where, and how they will learn have changed; If most faculty members are more likely than ever to incorporate technology into their education; And what institutional leaders need to do is make sure that digital learning plays a role in their future strategies, no matter what.

Listen to this episode here, and learn more about The Key here.

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