What is the strange accounting employed at the beginning?

“What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?” Answering the question takes a little consideration.

Is it tassels mere volume? A surprise that has been further deprived. South Grandma’s official living room drapes and throw pillows or stripper pastes work in the Pennsylvania Route 22/322 corridor.

Or is it the color associated with regalia hood and special discipline? (I resent having to wear Baby-Pop Brown as a Fine Art Degree holder. Why can music wear pink? Absolutely unfair.) And everyone knows that a Masters Degree Regalia Sleeve has a distinct practical advantage over Doctoral Rob Sleeve. In the long vacations of the fabric, one has the keys, the iPhone, the altoid and, if you dare, a place for a flask (be aware of the jumbotron camera). Regalia’s idiosyncrasies alone could be another article.

So what is it? What is the strange accoutrement at the beginning? Mattress. Mattress? What? What is it? Sister masala nutmeg? No no no. The mattress is ornamental, like a club — or one might describe it as a phallus-shaped object কেউ which one carries at the beginning of the procession. Knowing with a bow-yes, what is it? And more importantly, why?

The mattress originated in the ancient Near East and its image can be seen in art thousands of years ago. In medieval and Renaissance Europe, the mace was a weapon to maintain order within the ranks and to physically protect the ruler. Masses now remain a symbol of governing authority and power, while pointing to the need for peaceful, dignified service by government or institutions in higher education. Used during official ceremonies such as the inauguration, convocation and inauguration of the President, the mattress is carried by the person holding the highest office, such as position, honor, election or longevity and permanently the President / Chancellor, Faculty Marshal, Faculty Senate Chair. , The longest-serving faculty member with the highest academic rank or highest achieving student.Lamar University hammer bearer

Almost every higher education institution has a formal hammer, the design of which is specific and unique to its institution. Typically, mattress designs refer to institutional architecture, official seals and symbols, symbols, dates, mottos and founders. Typically, a mallet consists of three parts: a final, a head — sometimes in multiple parts (often with a sphere, globe, flame, crown or box-shaped element) – and a shaft. Phenyl and heads are usually made of metal and may include enamel, semi-precious stones and ceramic medallion inlays, but they may also be wood or acrylic. The shaft is usually tapered and can be wrapped with a metal ribbon whose edge surrounds the punctuated surface by a small knot.

Although institutional practices vary, traditions of hammer carrying, handling, and preservation are maintained with seriousness and vigor. When carrying a hammer in a procession, the bearer uses both hands and places the hammer on the right shoulder (this is preferred, but some carry it straight parallel to the body). When the bearer reaches the platform, the mattress is placed straight on a stand next to the podium. When not in use, the mattress rests horizontally next to it in a display case located in a building considered a seat of authority (usually the president’s office or the conference room of the board of trustees). Occasionally, retired Gadaras are seen in the library or museum of the institution. Most institutional websites have a page featuring the hammer and its history and symbolic descriptions.

The cost of designing and creating a hammer varies greatly depending on the organization’s designer and choice of materials. Costs can range from five to six figures which means the individual is protected by a benevolent provision.

The oldest

Inspired by European heraldry and royalty

Bizarre forms and shapes

Larger than a human head

Tall (five feet or more)

Heavy (over 20 lbs)

Send me a picture of your organization’s mattress, and maybe next year we can make a college / university mattress competition one of the best / worst.

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