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New York – June 2, 2022 – A new partnership between Grand Valley State University (GVSU) NextEd Co-Lab and Littera Education means each K-12 school district in Michigan can now provide research-based, proven-effective tutoring to its students who need it most.

The partnership joins GVSU’s K-12 Connect Tutoring initiative, a premier educator for teachers, Littera academic support platform-technology that makes it easy for districts to design, implement and track the effectiveness of high-impact tutoring programs. The result is a wide range of tutoring that is customizable for each student.

“This partnership will reshape academic support for Michigan students,” said Justin Serrano, founder and CEO of Litter. “GVSU is already a leader in providing academic support to K-12 schools. Adopting the Littera Academic Support Platform will enable K-12 Connect to reach more students and make it easier for Michigan schools to provide high-impact tutoring. “

GVSU developed K-12 Connect in May 2020 to assist Michigan families with tutoring when the epidemic began. K-12 Connect has recently expanded to work directly with school, district and community-based organizations across the state, providing high-dose 1: 1 and 1: 2 tutoring across all subjects and grade levels, with an additional focus on targeted lesson support. GVSU employs, trains and equips tutors, better equipping them as future teachers. The Littera platform allows institutions to incorporate their own curriculum into the guidelines as well as attend session and track each student’s progress.

“We are proud of the impact we have had so far in strengthening K-12 education in the state. We know that high-impact tutoring has proven to accelerate student learning, and we’re strengthening the Michigan Teacher Pipeline, “said Amirah Vasberg, Director of K-12 Connect at GVSU. “Partnerships with Litter will allow us to improve our service model and broaden our reach, ensuring that all student support is accessible.”

Together, K-12 Connect and Littera offer Michigan students “high-level” tutoring – the only model that has proven effective in accelerating learning. High-dose tutoring means that students receive instruction several times per week, with the same tutor for the length of the program. Students and teachers interact individually or through real-time audio and video, building relationships that support learning.

Several school districts in Michigan have already begun tutoring with K-12 Connect; Others may start tutoring early this fall. See https://bit.ly/GVSULittera for more information.

About Grand Valley State University and NextAd Co-Lab

Grand Valley State University is a public university in Allendele, Michigan that serves more than 22,000 students. GVSU NextAid Co-Lab is a social impact incubator that leverages the university’s strong credentials to improve outcomes not only in higher education but also in the K-12 and workforce sectors. See gvsu.edu for more information.

About litter

Littera is transforming academic support by enabling education districts to make high-quality, affordable tutoring accessible to all students who need it most. The Littera platform ensures that tutoring is a non-stop extension of in-class instruction, curriculum and assessment in a school district. Through Litter, academic support is accessible to all. For more information, see litteraeducation.com.

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