Wimming Senator Bud for antitrans comment at the beginning

Wyoming U.S. Senator Cynthia Lumis issued an apology after commenting in an introductory speech at the University of Wyoming on Saturday that some were considered transphobic, provoking crowds.

Lumis, a Republican in deep-red Wyoming, began his speech with a simple break of the day, encouraging graduates to work hard and understand their position in the world. Before considering how technological power conflicts with personal rights, he went on to discuss disruptive technologies such as cryptocurrency.

He suggested that certain rights, including “freedom of speech, religion, property, assembly and the freedom to bear and carry weapons”, were under attack. He then remarked, “Even basic scientific facts, such as the existence of two sexes – male and female – are a challenge nowadays.”

Audible kisses mixed with scattered applause, can be heard in the video of the ceremony.

Oil City News The report states that Lumis issued an apology on Sunday that anyone felt “undesirable or disrespectful” by the remarks but not for the provocative statement.

Ed Siddle, president of the University of Wyoming, addressed the incident in a brief statement posted Sunday.

“On Saturday, the university celebrated the beginning of the spring of 2022 with a series of events that showcased the best that made us special: our students, our staff, our faculty and the ability to openly embrace and debate complex issues. One of our speakers commented on biological sex which many on campus took issue with. While we respect the right of students and elected officials to express their views, we have unequivocally stated that UW is an organization that supports and celebrates its diverse communities that collectively make us a wonderful place to be, “wrote Seidel. And thanks to the family who celebrated with us this weekend. We welcome the incredible personality and intelligence of all our dynamic and diverse students and never want you to feel otherwise. “

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